Clothing and accessories


Hats for all seasons and occasions

Stylish and versatile -packable lightweight hats come to us from Peak and Brim,

suppliers to the Downton Abbey costume department.

Also included original and unique designs by talented Lyme Regis milliner, Alison Tutcher.


We are currently stocking bags by the following suppliers

Saccoo of Amsterdam

Beautifully crafted bags in soft and durable natural leather.

  • Our latest arrival -different shape, same beautiful leather, naturally died and imported from Amsterdam

Shona Easton

A popular range of leather travel bags, shoulder bags, shoppers and purses from this popular London designer.

  • Lucia Hobo in yellow


A range of finest quality leather bags by French designers.

  • Great for laptops and tablets

Vintage and pre-owned designer handbags always in stock.

  • Coach


A tempting range of new scarves by Jo Edwards


Nightdresses, gowns and pyjamas for ladies and children

  • Popular cotton nightdresses always in stock

Jewellery Cabinet

  • New and vintage necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings


A small number of our popular velvet-style stretch gloves from IXLI in Grenoble, France still available.



Look out for these beautiful handmade leather gloves from Dorset’s own British Glove Company arriving in September.